Online Business Website Tip: Always Be Adding Content

Content is king. If you’ve studied online marketing at all, you’ve read that phrase a thousand times. No matter how often it is repeated, though, it’s true – regularly adding new content is the best way to promote your website. Content is one of the few tools that functions in multiple ways when it comes to SEO – it satisfies both human needs and the needs of webcrawlers. If you can manage content that does both, you should see better search rankings and an increase in traffic flow.The mechanical benefit of adding content is easier to understand than the human side of the process.

When you update your website, you suddenly satisfy one of the criteria in Google’s search algorithm. Websites that are regularly updated tend to pull down better numbers from the search crawlers, which in turn helps to raise the site’s profile. If you only look at things from this side of the equation, adding any content is going to help your website.

On the human side of things, you’re looking not just the frequency of content generation but also the quality of that content. Good content gives users a reason to visit your site again – and yes, having traffic helps you to generate more traffic. Good content – content that’s useful and evergreen – helps to keep users on your website and reduces the all-important bounce rate. Capturing the human side of content allows you to create a website that will be more useful to your customers.

Content creation needs to be constant and it needs to always be of the highest quality. If you don’t satisfy the former requirement, you’ll lose on the benefits gained from webcrawlers. If you fail at the latter, you’ll be left with fewer readers and a lower search rank. Striking a balance will help you to drive new customers to your website.

August 19, 2015