Why Submit Your Website To Online Business Directories?

phuber-laptopThere's an ongoing debate about the use of a business directory website. These directories are seen by some as a throwback to an earlier era of internet marketing, but others still count them among the most effective tools for businesses looking to increase their traffic.

Great web directories are perfect for businesses that are concerned about bringing in new customers.

The truth is that some directories really are outdated - but a business directory website that has kept up with the times is more than worth the effort of putting in a submission. If you can find the right online business directory, you can count on your business to be seen and your website's search rankings to rise.

It's important to look at how the right online business directory will benefit you.

While you can certainly do a great deal of work on your own website, having extra chances for consumers to find you is always helpful. Think of a directory as somewhat akin to a yellow pages ad - perhaps not the fastest way for a would-be customer to find you, but a passive method of advertising that will help some consumers find your business.

A great online business directory will help you with your site's all-important SEO value.

Good back links look great to webcrawlers, as they help your site to look more authoritative and useful to the average consumer. A great directory adds SEO value just by association - once your site is linked to the online business directory, you'll have a wonderful boost to your own rankings. An online business directory isn't just a phonebook for the internet - it's a beneficial relationship that helps your site stand out on the web.

A good business directory website always practices good SEO and a directory that isn't keeping up with the basics isn't worth working with.

How To Find A Quality Business Directory

quality-business-directoryA great business directory website isn't a static site. It's one that is always changing, always adapting and is always updating its content. If you find a directory that has a great number of dead links and obviously old content, you should always be wary - these sites are not only being poorly maintained, but they're doing every one of their clients a disservice.

A good business directory website is also picky about with whom it will work.

There are certainly some directories that will take submissions from anyone with a credit card, but these directories don't provide a valuable service to their clients. It is the quality of services in the directory that will provide the directory with staying power and relevance, passing along all of its gains to its clients.

If the web directory that you choose won't vet your credentials and doesn't look at everyone who submits a site carefully, you should be certain that it will not be able to help you grow your site traffic.

Make sure that your chosen directory markets itself well.

You're looking for growing value over time - the longer that the site exists, the more it should benefit your website. This means that the directory needs to have a domain authority of at least 20 and a page authority of at least 30, and should be constantly improving itself to add more value.

The directory should be reaching out to new clients, practicing good SEO and finding ways to become a more authoritative back link for its clients at all times or it is not worth the time and effort it will take you to work with that directory.

The Benefits Of Using Phuber, The #1 Online Business Directory Website

happy-directoryOnce you've begun to understand how to work with a web directory, the question then becomes one of with which directory you should work. There's certainly many out there from which you can choose, and it would be disingenuous to suggest that they are all the same.

Every directory has its unique qualities and its selling points - like phuber.

Choosing phuber is a matter of understanding the benefits that the directory can bring to your website. Once you see what phuber has to offer, your choice in web directories will become clear.

It's best to start by looking at how Phuber ranks in the world of domain and page names - after all, you only want to trust your site to an organization that has already succeeded themselves.

Currently phuber holds a moz Domain Authority score of 28 and a Page Authority rank of 38 - both scores show that the site is well within the parameters set by SEO experts that signify reasonable rankings in terms of domain name power. These numbers are incredibly impressive, especially considering the relative youth of the site.

Any site that associates itself with phuber will get the benefit of the company's impressive SEO rankings.

What's more impressive than the site's name power is how it works. Phuber is constantly adding content, one of the key goals of any site that practices good SEO. Phuber also provides deep links for those who have featured listings, and provides automatic thumbnails of all sites registered with the web directory. These great SEO practices help Phuber to stay near the top of the rankings, providing your potential customers with a great way to find out more about your business while also providing an authoritative back links that will help your site stand out for the web crawlers.

Indeed, phuber's business practices are incredibly beneficial for you, and your website.

Once you really understand the way that e-commerce works, you'll understand that the success of your website depends on working with reputable sources like Phuber. The web is one place where it is nearly impossible to work on your own - you need help, and you need to associate yourself with professionals. If you are ready to take the next step to make your website a success  - submit your site to phuber today.